That your wife, girlfriend or side chick is not complaining yet doesn’t mean she’s happy with your inability of satisfy her sexually.


Discover The No Side Effect Solution To Weak Erection, Premature Ejaculation And Small Penis Mistakenly Revealed To Me By My Boss’s Loose-Mouth Personal Assistance Who Maybe Sacked If The Boss Finds Out He Let Out His Personal Secret!

Plus The Same Solution Also Cures Most Sexually Transmitted Diseases.




Do you struggling to go more than one minute or round in bed


Because you lack control over releasing your sperm when you feel like coming even if its just in few penetrations?


Or you struggled to have a Strong and Lasting Erection?


You feel really embarrassed because it wasn’t always like this and you want a solution as soon as possible.


Or you have always had the problem of premature ejaculation, small penis or both and you are finally tired of not having confidence in your engine room down there.



The truth is you are not alone!



According to men health Magazine; 1 in every 3 men also struggle with similar oza room problem at least once in their lifetime.



But the different between You and other people is that you care enough to want a solution to the pressing sexual problem…


Because what really matter is what you do about the embarrassing sexual problem when it rare it head.


My name is Johnson Olatunde, I’m Married to a beautiful calabar lady by the name of Iyene and we have two lovely kids.


Just like you I suffered from severe premature ejaculation for years and my penis size was nothing to talk about.


I struggle with premature ejaculation so much that it was like my self confidence also prematurely disappeared with it until I discovered a lasting solution that I will reveal to you in a bit.


I wasn’t Always A One Minute Man In Bed


Unlike most people who I have heard or read about who struggle with premature ejaculation, weak erection and small penis.


It was different for me; I used to be a bedroom stallion in fact I could go for hours if any woman I’m with wanted it.


Even though the size of my penis wasn’t a thing for the "Men-wey-carry" magazine (if there’s anything like that),


I made up for it by being able to go as long as it takes me to make my woman reach orgasm and I had also mastered the act of using sex positions that won’t make my dick feel small.


In fact I pride myself in being able to give any lady multiple orgasms before I finally cum which used to make me feel like I was special.


Of course I used to brag to my friend its was my bedroom superpower that made most ladies come back after my first time of knacking them back in school days.



But This Embarrassing Sexual Problem All Start Around Middle Of November 2014



The first time I came quicker than expected my wife and I laughed about it and she jokingly said; You don dey old o Johnson.



But the same embarrassing situation persisted till it became the normal thing every time we had sex.



At this point, this wasn’t a joking matter anymore,



I felt I was stripped of my superpower that made me special; I totally lost my self confidence and man Ego.



As weeks turned to months and months to 4 embarrassing years, my wife who used to act like she doesn’t mind started avoiding sex with me.



Then one day she opened up and told me why she has been avoiding sex with me, I felt like entering the ground.


My whole body was shaking…


She said its either I cum too earlier before she even starts to enjoy it or I cum during foreplay which leaves her frustrated and sad.



After her honest confession, I didn’t fight with her or do what most men will do which is try to make her feel like a slut for asking to be satisfied in bed.


I went on my knees with tears in my eyes, apologised to her and promised to get it fixed as soon as I can.


I could see in her eyes that she was relaxed when she heard me say that and she hugged me with tears in her eyes.


Even though I didn’t know where to start my search for the solution to this ugly and embarrassing sexual problem that is choking happiness out of my marriage,


I knew I must find a lasting solution even if it requires me getting it from the mouth of a lion.



I Tried So Many Premature Ejaculation And Small Penis Treatments But I Was Always Left Disappointed Until…



After my promise to Iyene my wife, I swung into action and started researching different ways to cure premature ejaculation and also make my penis thicker and longer.


I found numerous so called recommendations that weren’t lasting solutions...


X Premature ejaculation exercise - This took forever to see any head-swelling result.


X Medications sold in the pharmacy like Viagra, Ana, Vigor chocolate - Side effects are some times severe.


X Numbing creams to last longer - Side effect is severe and could even hurt your partner.


X Sexual Supplement – Required me to always take them for me to maintain a lasting erection




I discovered that most of these so called treatments didn’t either work at all, took too long to see result or were just a short fix.


I didn’t like these treatments after trying them all because it didn’t make sex spontaneous anymore and most of them had side effect...


It meant that I always had to take the drugs before sex, wait for it to take effect before getting at it plus it always more fun when sex is not planned but it happens anyways.


Until Mr Idris Spilled My Boss’s Dirty Little Secret That Helped Him Cure Premature Ejaculation And Make His Penis Bigger.


Unlike most people might believe that everything is perfect with the wealthy people…


Well… the rich also cry!


Just as I was still battling to find a lasting solution to my bedroom woes, little did I know that my boss had actually found the solution I was looking for.


Until one day while I was on the phone with the last person I paid N75,000 for a solution he promised heaven and earth to work.


After buying it 3 months in a roll, I gave up and called him to give him a piece of my mind.


Unfortunately, rather fortunately…


My oga’s PA; Mr Idris came into my office to say hello and stylishly ask for Roger; money for one bottle of Trophy and overheard me talking on the phone.


After I finished venting my anger on the phone and dropped, he faked a cough and greeted me. I smiled just to cover my anger.

Then he said in a shaky Ibadan voice…

“bros se no go vex say I talk wetin I wan talk and then said he knows someone who can actually help me with what I was angry about on the phone,

He said in fact the man that came 3weeks ago without appointment and oga told the secretary to let him in while other were waiting is the one that sells the solution.

After realizing he had given away our boss’s secret, he tried to cover his mistake and went on to say..

he heard Oga telling the man over the phone some months back that the solution he sold to his friend has helped him cure his weak erection, premature ejaculation and his penis size has increased, then told the man to bring more for another of his friend who has similar problem.


My Joy Knew No Bound After Hearing What He Just Told Me So Much That I gave Mr. Idris Money For 5 Bottles of Trophy After He Gave Me The Man’s Number


I called the man to ask him for more details about his lasting solution he was selling and he explained to me.

But the price for the two solutions he had was definitely not for someone who is not yet pushed to the wall or probably because the solution was reserves for his rich clients who paid him heavily for it.

After talking, He was asking for N50,000.

But at this point, I didn’t care about the price anymore because I indirectly already know people it worked for.


My Boss and his friends

Here Are The Two Solutions To Premature Ejaculation/Weak Erection And Small Penis That The Man Sells.


The Lasting Solution To Premature Ejaculation/Weak Erection - 4Mula Herbal Formula A.K.A Mega Man


          Mega man is an extremely effective herbal solution from 100% natural.

ü        Aside from helping men completely eradicate premature ejaculation and weak erection, it also   eradicates any form of STDs and improves fertility in Men.

ü           Mega man is also NAFDAC Approved.

Priced At N25,000 (don’t worry you wont be paying anything close to that)


The Solution To Increase The Length And Size Of My Penis – The Titan Gel

ü       Titan Gel is made of natural traditional еxtrасt frоm nаturаl рlаnt

ü        It helps increase blood flow into the veins, its enlarges, strengthen and thicken the penis

ü        Use Meticulously for 4 -6 Weeks and you start seeing visible increase in the size and length of your penis.

Priced At N25,000. (don’t worry you wont be paying anything close to that)


I sent the money to the man’s account immediately after our phone conversation and I also made him promise not to tell my boss because Mr. Idris could lose his job.


Few days after, I got the 2 products in my house and immediately started using the combo the same day the treatment got to me.


Here Is What Happened Next After Using The Same Solution My Boss Used…You Also Must Experience This!


I was very optimistic about this solution because of what I heard about it already from my Boss’s PA.


So I started using it meticulously.


First few days went by and all I saw was the usual little improvement from trying other treatments but nothing much.

Then the fifth day, MegaMan had done it magic on me and Iyene was shouting at the top of her voice like it was her first time of having sex,


I knew she was shouting for joy.


After the first round, my penis was hard yet again in few minutes and I could see the surprise on her face.

Also on the 3 weeks of using the Titan gel, I started feeling like a bedroom titan because my penis had grown bigger in girth and by 2.5cm in length. I couldn’t be happier with the result I was getting.



By the time we were done with rounds of hot, steamy, sweet making love, we were both exhausted; she collapsed into my arms and was sobbing like a baby.


I guessed she was sobbing because she was too happy and couldn’t find words.


I was the happiest man alive that very night.


Weeks went by and the ugly bedroom embarrassment didn’t rare its head again even after I stopped using the MegaMan And Titan Gel.


I was totally Back To being the Bedroom Stallion I Was once again and My Wife was really enjoying the best of me yet again, all thanks to MegaMan and Titan Gel.


After Iyene sobbed for a while, she looked up into my eyes and said the most selfless things, she said to me;


Darling please look for a way to help other men rescue their relationship with the solution that helped you.


And I thought to myself, what an angel.


My Guess Is You Want This Bedroom Combo That Helped My Boss, His Friends And I Permanently Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation, Weak Erection And Small Penis


As my promise to my wife; Iyene I started discussion about how to get the same solution into the hands of every man who needs it like you reading this article.


After weeks of discussing with my contact that sells the MegaMan And Titan Gel, I told him about my intentions and how I want to share my story with my friends and people online.


But he has to let me have it at a highly discounted rate because all fingers are not equal; moreover most people have spent so much money on treatments that didn’t work.


After a long back and forth with him, I was able to get the man to give me 50 pieces only at a bulk discounted rate even though I had to pay through my nose upfront.


And he said after this, I will have to pay more the next time if he will ever agree to let me have it again.


So for the first time…


How To Get Mega Man And Titan Gel; The Lasting Solution To Premature Ejaculation, Weak Erection And Small Penis You Have Been Looking For Without Paying As Much As My Boss And I Paid


After weeks of looking for a way to get this Bedroom combo that is guarantee to save your blushes in the bedroom into the hands of every man that needs it at the cheapest rate they can get it,


A marketing company was able to help me put together this website to share my story with YOU so that people outside my circle of influence can get access to this Bedroom Combo.


To also reduce the cost of delivery it to the barest minimum, I have partnered with a reputable courier company who will deliver the solution to your doorstep.


So Instead of paying the original price of N50,000, You can get your own Bedroom combo for…

4Mula Herbal Formula A.K.A MegaMan only




Plus Free Shipping to Your Door Step


  • Get rid of premature ejaculation no matter how long you have had it


  • Get rid of weak erection and start having string and lasting erection with MegaMan.


  • Increase your fertility by over 100%


For a discounted price of


N14,000 Only


Titan Gel Only





Plus Free Shipping to Your Door Step


  • increase blood flow into the veins, its enlarges


  • Strengthen your penis with painful operation or gadgets


  • Increase your penis length and size


For a discounted price of


N10,000 Only



Bedroom Combo Pack; MegaMan And Titan Gel






Plus Free Shipping

ü      Get rid of premature ejaculation no matter how long you have had it


ü      Get rid of weak erection and start having strong and lasting erection with MegaMan.


ü      Increase your fertility by over 100%


ü      increase blood flow into the veins, its enlarges


ü      Strengthen your penis with painful operation or gadgets


ü      Increase your penis length and size



For a highly discounted price of


N20,000 Only




Here Is How To Place Your Order For The Lasting Solution To Your Bedroom Embarrassment


Depending on the product that you want ro order for,

Indicate it e.g "Megaman only" Or "TitanGel only" Or "Bedroom Combo Pack (both)" with the following information below;

1. Your Full Name

2. Your Phone Number

3. Detailed Home Address

4. Local Government

5. State

Send These Information as a text message to 08091562368 


Once you place your order by sending your details by SMS 08091562368 , you will be contacted by one of my customer care agents to confirm your order and to tell you when the product you ordered for will arrive at your doorstep.


After that, our courier partner will bring the product to you at the stipulated time, Don't worry it will be well packaged that only you will have access to it and No one would know what our courier is bringing to your door step except you,  open it and check the content inside.


Then give our delivery agent the money for the product you ordered. Remember you wont be paying an extra charge aside the cost of the product.


Or you can come to our marketing head office to pick your product up at;

Enetwork Business Innovations
52, New Isheri Road Opp Cakes and Cream, Ojodu Berger Lagos



So there you have it;




Imagine This The Next Time You Are About To Make Sweet Love To Your Wife/Girlfriend/Side-Chick

You are confident of yourself that you will make her scream at the top of her voice for the next 30minutes.

And if she wants more, you will give it her in abundance with your bigger, stronger and longer penis.


Now is your chance for redemption to be that man your lady will respect in the bedroom and threat like a Royal King.




To Your bedroom longevity.


Johnson Olatunde.

For personal pickup - Enetwork Business Innovations
52, New Isheri Road Opp Cakes and Cream, Ojodu Berger Lagos


For more Inquiry, You can also call on 08091562368  (Call time: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm only. Saturday 10am-2pm only)


P.s – by the time you are reading this, I would have sold so of the remaining available bottles of the products so you need to act fast.

P.s – Here Are some feedbacks from people who have used the Bedroom Combo And have sent in their testimonies.


[Frequently Asked Questions]


Q. What is the Dosage of Bedroom Combo Pack

A. Just 1 capsule in the morning and at night and rub the gel on your penis until its totally absorbed into the skin... Do this till you're okay to your release time and the size of your penis.

Q. When Will I see The Effect ?

A. You start seeing the effect in as little as 3 days of using it but to cure the Premature ejaculation permanently, you will need to continue to use it. once it stops totally, you can discontinue using the product.

Q. Does it have age restriction?

A. We don't advice anyone under the age of 18 to use this because they are not adult yet, We encourage only adults from 18+ upward to use the product even if you are Baba 70

Q. Can A Diabetic or Hypertensive person take MegaMan?

A. Yes, Bedroom Combo Pack is made from 100% natural ingredient and does not contain any chemical that can cause havoc to people living with diabetes or Hypertension.

Q. Can I drink Alcohol?

A. Even though Alcohol does not have any effect on Bedroom Combo Products, we encourage you to reduce your alcohol intake as it contains too much sugar which is one of the causes of Premature Ejaculation.

Q. Does MegMan Or Titan Gel have Any Side Effect?

A. Not that we know of till this very moment, I have used Bedroom Combo Products myself and did not experience any side effect, other Nigerians men has also been helped without me getting any complain. If it does, I will not even attempt to introduce it to anyone.

Q - Do you have any testimonies of other people who have used MegaMan And Titan Gel

A - Here are just a few…

Its Only God That Can Reward You With Happiness As You Brought Back Happiness Into My Marriage

I am a man of few words as I normally keep to myself but I know if I kept this to myself without giving you feedback on the "
Bedroom Combo Pack" you sent to me.

I can't possible reward you for what you did in my life, But I know Its only God that can reward you with happiness as you brought back happiness into my marriage.

I was on the brink of a messy breakup with my wife of 6 years when she threatened to date someone younger than me who could satisfy her in bed.

I thank you sooo much Johnson. I feel 2o something again,

Usman, Agidingi, Lagos

Aside from helping improve my bedroom performance, I have also introduced your Bedroom Combo Pack to a couple of my close friends and they have nothing less than praise for what they are experiencing in their sex life.

Thank you Johnson, You are really supportive with the way you handle your clients.

Chuks, Alaba.





How To Place Your Order For The Lasting Solution To Your Bedroom Embarrassment


1. Your Full Name

2. Your Phone Number

3. Detailed Home Address

4. Local Government

5. State

Send This Information as a text message to 08091562368




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